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Past NFL Coach Staffs


Mike Caldwell of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Mike Caldwell

  • Mike Caldwell entered his first season with the Buccaneers in 2019. He joined Tampa Bay after having spent the past four seasons working as the assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach with the New York Jets under current Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles, then the Jets’ head coach.

    During Caldwell’s time with the Jets, the team posted one of the best run defenses in the NFL, holding teams to just 4.00 yards per carry, the sixth-lowest figure in the NFL during that span. In Caldwell’s first season with the Jets, his unit was part of a defense that set a franchise record with just 83.4 rushing yards allowed per game.


2020 East Position Coaches

Leon Lett, Dallas Cowboys, DC
Marcus Brady, Indianapolis Colts, OC
Josh Grizzard, Miami Dolphins, QB
Mark Ridgley, Los Angeles Chargers, RB
Phil Rauscher, Washington Redskins, OL
Lunda Wells, New York Giants, TE
Antwaan Randle EI, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, WR
Ronell Williams, Chicago Bears, LB
Mike Hiestand, Denver Broncos, DL
Steve Jackson, New York Jets, DB
Denzel Martin, Pittsburgh Steelers, ST
Chad Wade, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, S&C



Ben Steele of the Atlanta Falcons

  • Ben Steele

  • Ben Steele joined the Falcons as an offensive assistant after spending the last five seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Steele coached the Buccaneers tight ends in 2017-18 after assisting the offense the previous three years.

    Prior to joining the Buccaneers, Steele spent one season as tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator for UC-Davis (2013). Prior to his time with the Aggies, Steele spent two seasons (2011-12) at the University of California, as an administrative assistant for Cal’s offensive staff. He also worked two years with the University of Colorado as operations and recruiting assistant (2009) and graduate assistant (2010), as well as spending a year at his alma mater, Mesa State (now known as Colorado Mesa) as an offensive assistant coach (2008).


2020 West Position Coaches

Blake Williams, New York Jets, DC
Gary Brown, Dallas Cowboys, OC
Blaine Stewart, Pittsburgh Steelers, QB
Michael Judge, Miami Dolphins, RB
Ben Wilkerson, New York Giants, OL
Klayton Adams, Indianapolis Colts, TE
Michael Snyder, Chicago Bears, WR
Dave Borgonzi, Indianapolis Colts, LB
Mack Brown, New York Jets, DL
David Overstreet, Indianapolis Colts, DB
Anthony Blevins, New York Giants, ST
Mike Stacchiotti, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, S&C




Sam Mills III of the Carolina Panthers

  • Sam Mills III

  • Sam Mills III is in his 14th season with Carolina and eighth as assistant defensive line coach in 2018. Mills has worked closely with a unit that has been among the NFL's most productive the past six seasons.

    Since 2012, no group of defensive linemen has produced more sacks than Carolina's 219.0. In addition to getting to the quarterback, the defensive line has been integral in the Panthers' ability to stop the run as Carolina's rush defense has ranked in the top six in the NFL in four of the past six seasons, and overall ranks third with 96.2 rushing yards allowed since 2012.


2019 East Position Coaches

Jimmy Salgado, Buffalo Bills, DC
Andrew Janocko, Minnesota Vikings, OC
Skylar Fulton, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB
Luke Steckel, Tennessee Titans, RB
Lunda Wells, New York Giants, OL
Ryan Crow, Tennessee Titans, TE
Drew Terrell, Carolina Panthers, WR
John Egorugwu, Buffalo Bills, LB
Marcus Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals, DL
Jeff Howard, Minnesota Vikings, CB
Scott Booker, Tennessee Titans, DS
Vincent Rivera, Carolina Panthers, ST
Chad Wade, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, S&C



Adam Zimmer of the Minnesota Vikings

  • Adam Zimmer

  • Adam Zimmer completed his 5th season as the Vikings LBs coach in 2018.

    The 2017 Vikings 13-3 regular-season record was the 2nd best in the history of the franchise (15-1, 1998). Minnesota won the NFC North and hosted a Divisional Round Playoff game against Zimmer’s former team, the New Orleans Saints, where the Vikings won on a walk-off, game-winning touchdown as time expired in the 4th quarter.

    The Minnesota Vikings defense led the NFL in yards per game allowed (275.9) for the 1st time since 1993 and also led the league allowing 15.8 points per game in the regular season. The Vikings defense limited opponents to 83.6 rushing yards per game (2nd in the NFL) and 3.6 yards per rush (5th in the NFL). Minnesota held opponents to 192.4 passing yards per game, 2nd in the NFL, making them the only defense in the NFL to rank in the top 3 in both rushing yards per game and passing yards per game. The defense also held opponents to a 25.2% (51/202) 3rd-down conversion rate, the best mark in the NFL.


2019 West Position Coaches

Drew Wilkins, Baltimore Ravens, DC
Ben Steele, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, OC
Zack Grossi, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB
Cannon Mathews, Washington Redskins, RB
Phil Rauscher, Washington Redskins, OL
Eric Sanders, Cleveland Browns, TE
Chad Hall, Buffalo Bills, WR
Danny Breyer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LB
Robert Rodriquez, Minnesota Vikings, DL
James Rowe III, Washington Redskins, CB
Alonso Escalante, Arizona Cardinals, DS
Ryan Ficken, Minnesota Vikings, ST
Joe Vaughn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, S&C




Jonathan Hayes of the Cincinnati Bengals

  • Jonathan Hayes has spent the past 15 seasons (2003-present) as the Bengals’ tight ends coach. Over Hayes’ tenure, his tight ends have contributed to the run-blocking efforts for eight 1,000-yard rushers and two players (Tyler Eifert and Jermaine Gresham) earned Pro Bowl nods under his tutelage. A 12-year NFL veteran with the Kansas City Chiefs (1985-1993) and Pittsburgh Steelers (1994-96), Hayes appeared in 184 career games with 122 starts, recording 153 catches for 1,718 yards and 13 touchdowns.


2018 East Position Coaches

Richard Angulo, Baltimore Ravens, OL
Dave Borgonzi, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DC
Bobby Engram, Baltimore Ravens, OC
Skyler Fulton, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ST
Zack Grossi, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB
Cannon Matthews, Washington Redskins, LB
Dan Pitcher, Cincinnati Bengals, WR
James Rowe III, Washington Redskins, DB
Chad Wade, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, S&C
Andrew Weidinger, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, TE
Drew Wilkins, Baltimore Ravens, DL
Omar Young, Green Bay Packers, RB



Bobby Johnson of the Oakland Raiders

  • Bobby Johnson is a 23-year coaching veteran at both the professional and collegiate levels and has spent the past three seasons (2015-17) as the Raiders’ tight ends coach. Prior to joining Oakland’s staff, Johnson spent five seasons with the Detroit Lions (2013-14), Jacksonville Jaguars (2013) and Buffalo Bills (2010-11). A native of Akron, OH, Johnson played tackle at Miami (Ohio), starting on the offensive line for three seasons from 1992-94.


2018 West Position Coaches

Danny Breyer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LB
Robert Couch, Cincinnati Bengals, TE
Will Harriger, Seattle Seahawks, OC
Chris Harris, Los Angeles Chargers, DC
Marcus Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals, DL
D’Anton Lynn, Los Angeles Chargers, DB
David Raih, Green Bay Packers, QB
Mark Ridgley, Los Angeles Chargers, RB
Pat Ruel, Seattle Seahawks, OL
Dan Shamash, Los Angeles Chargers, WR
Joe Vaugh, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, S&C
Marquice Williams, Los Angeles Chargers, ST