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Team Testimonials

“Shriner’s Hospitals for Children has been making important difference in the lives of a lot of kids for a long time. Supporting that cause when I played in the game was a great experience. I’m very proud of this honor, and I’m happy to have my place at another East-West Shrine Game.”
- Rickey Jackson, East-West Shrine Game Hall of Fame inductee (1981 alumnus), 2016

“I really enjoyed the visit to Shriners Hospitals for Children. It was a humbling experience and made us realize how fortunate we are. It also reminded me to strive for the kind of joy those patients have.”
- Keenan Reynolds, East Team, 2016

“When you’re doing something like this, when you’re coming to visit someone that’s less fortunate, someone that’s less healthy, someone who’s had a tough time, you find that it’s always a win-win.”
- Mike Singletary, East Team Coach, 2015

“They have a chance to give a little of their time and their love towards all these kids.”
- Jim Zorn, Coach West Team Coach, 2015

“Just being able to bring joy to little kids really makes me happy.”
- Travis Raciti, West Team, 2015

“They’re so strong – it’s so crazy to think that they look up to me. I look up to them because they’ve been through a lot more than I have."
- Corey Cooper, West Team, 2015

“The East-West Shrine Game is unlike any other bowl game out there. It gives the players a truly meaningful experience and opportunity to play the game they love.”
  - Steven Clark, West Team, 2014

“In the end, it’s really about everyone having a good time in support of great cause.”
- Jerry Glanville, Coach, 2014

"I had a great time playing with the kids at the Shriners Hospital. This was a very humbling experience."
- Andre Hal, East Team, 2014

“If it wasn’t for the East-West Shrine Game, I would have never had the opportunity to pursue my goals. Visiting the hospital was a very humbling experience. Those kids have more courage and tenacity than any football player I know; and that, I will never forget.”
- Trent Steelman, East Team, 2013

"Anytime you have the chance to visit kids at the Shriners Hospital for Children and help our next generation, is a cause that is very dear to me. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to coach in the 86th East-West Shrine Game and go up against my longtime friend Dan Reeves."
- Wade Phillips, Coach, 2011

"You cannot help, but be touched when you visit the hospital the Sunday before game. Words cannot describe the feeling that you get from bringing so much joy into these children’s lives. I’m so proud to be back coaching at the East-West Shrine Game and help raise money for such a special cause.”
- Dan Reeves, Coach, 2011 and 2007

"I had such a humbling experience visiting the hospital and seeing what these kids face on a daily basis. The fact they are able to beat the odds given their circumstances, made me reassess what is important in my own life. My only complaint is that I wish I had more time to spend with the children."
- Jan Jorgensen, West Team, 2010

"It’s a huge honor to be invited to the East-West Shrine Game and practice in front of NFL coaches and scouts. After visiting the hospital, I realized the true honor of the game is bringing smiles to the children’s faces and seeing first-hand what the Shriners Hospital for Children does for the world.”
- Todd Reesing, West Team, 2010

"Family means everything in the world to me. So when I saw first-hand the struggles these children and their parents go through, it was heartbreaking. I could not imagine what their lives would be like without the Shriners organization and the great work they do to help the foundation of our future."
- Marty Shottenheimer, Coach, 2010

'When I visited the Shriners Hospital for Children in Houston, it gave me a different perspective on what the game really meant. You realize how selfless an organization it is and how much effort and resources are put into treating children. It is an experience that every individual can learn from and one that I will never forget.”
- Kyle Shotwell, West Team and Pat Tillman Award recipient, 2007